Edelweiss Air Airbus A330 - HB-JHR (MSN 1711)

Registration number: HB-JHR
Type of aircraft: 330-343E
Serial number: 1711
Age: 5.1 of the year
Engines: 2 x RR Trent 772B-60
Airline: Edelweiss Air

Cabin configuration

Business Class
Economy Class

Recent flights

Flight number Airport of departure Airport of arrival Arrived Has arrived
WK10Zürich Airport (ZRH)Vancouver International Airport (YVR)2018-05-17 12:102018-05-17 13:30
WK99Rio Galeão – Tom Jobim International Airport (GIG)Zürich Airport (ZRH)2018-03-16 09:45PM2018-03-17 12:40PM
WK35Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)Zürich Airport (ZRH)2018-03-03 09:45PM2018-03-04 11:11AM
WK67Malé International Airport (MLE)Zürich Airport (ZRH)2018-03-01 12:15PM2018-03-01 06:59PM
WK96Zürich Airport (ZRH)Rio Galeão – Tom Jobim International Airport (GIG)2018-02-26 01:20PM2018-02-26 09:10PM
WK34Zürich Airport (ZRH)Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)2018-02-17 02:55PM2018-02-17 08:05PM
WK98Zürich Airport (ZRH)Rio Galeão – Tom Jobim International Airport (GIG)2018-01-19 12:15PM2018-01-19 09:05PM
WK5Tampa International Airport (TPA)Zürich Airport (ZRH)2017-12-10 08:10PM2017-12-11 10:09AM