Flight PR2682 Philippine Airlines: Cebu City — Бузуанга

Philippine Airlines PR2682 / GAP2682

Cebu City — Бузуанга

Scheduled departure time Scheduled Arrival Time
05:30 06:45
* Local time

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Flight history PR2682 Philippine Airlines: Cebu City — Бузуанга

Date Scheduled departure Scheduled Arrivals Actual departure time Actual arrival time
Tue. 03 october05:3006:4505:3706:31
Tue. 02 october05:3006:4505:4006:41
Tue. 01 october05:3006:4505:2806:30
Thu. 30 september05:3006:4505:3006:35
Thu. 29 september05:3006:45--
Thu. 28 september05:3006:4505:3406:41
Thu. 27 september05:3006:45--
Thu. 26 september05:3006:4505:2406:23
Thu. 25 september05:3006:4505:2406:37
Thu. 23 september05:3006:4505:3106:30
Tue. 22 september05:3006:4505:2506:24

Flight Philippine Airlines PR2682 (Cebu City — Бузуанга) running from the airport Mactan Cebu International Airport (CEB), to the airport Francisco B. Reyes Airport (USU). The flight is operated by the family's aircraft DeHavilland DHC-8. Flight distance is 469 km / 253 miles, and the average flight length is 1 h. 15 min.

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[CEB] Mactan Cebu International Airport
+30 C 757 mm Hg. 62%
[USU] Francisco B. Reyes Airport
+25.8 C 758 mm Hg. 74%


Cebu City — Бузуанга

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