Flight CZ625 China Southern Airlines: Guangzhou — Waikabubak

China Southern Airlines CZ625 / CSN625

Guangzhou — Waikabubak
On the way / Scheduled

Scheduled departure time Scheduled Arrival Time
19:25 00:09
Actual departure time Actual arrival time
* Local time

Flight details have been updated 1 year ago

Flight history CZ625 China Southern Airlines: Guangzhou — Waikabubak

Date Scheduled departure Scheduled Arrivals Actual departure time Actual arrival time
Thu. 29 september19:2523:49--
Thu. 28 september19:2523:49--
Thu. 27 september19:2500:0919:43On the way / Scheduled
Thu. 26 september19:2500:0919:3900:31+0 h. 43 min.
Thu. 25 september19:2500:0919:3500:20
Thu. 24 september19:2500:0919:3100:10
Thu. 23 september19:2500:0919:2600:27+0 h. 31 min.
Thu. 22 september19:2500:2320:0200:51+0 h. 57 min.
Wed. 21 september19:2523:3719:4700:31+0 h. 34 min.
Wed. 20 september19:2500:16--
Wed. 20 september19:2500:07--
Wed. 20 september19:2500:09--
Wed. 20 september19:2500:18-00:39+0 h. 47 min.
Sun. 19 september19:1523:5619:4000:21
Thu. 18 september19:2500:0719:4100:30+0 h. 31 min.

Flight China Southern Airlines CZ625 (Guangzhou — Waikabubak) running from the airport Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN), to the airport Ngurah Rai (Bali) International Airport (DPS). The flight is operated by the family's aircraft Airbus A320. Flight distance is 3579 km / 1931 mile, and the average flight length is 5 h. 15 min.

Low Price Calendar Guangzhou — Waikabubak

Types of aircraft flying CZ625 China Southern Airlines: Guangzhou — Waikabubak

Boeing 737-800
Board numbers:
B-5749, B-1917, B-1781, B-1916


Airbus A320 [B-5749]

Code sharing

* Code sharing — agreement on joint commercial exploitation of the flight by two or more airlines, one of which is an operator, and the rest sell tickets for the flight of the operating company on their own behalf.


[CAN] Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
+26.1 C 764 mm Hg. 54%
[DPS] Ngurah Rai (Bali) International Airport
+26 C 758 mm Hg. 88%


Guangzhou — Waikabubak

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