Flight AA136 American Airlines: Los Angeles — London

American Airlines AA136 / AAL136

Los Angeles — London

Scheduled departure time Scheduled Arrival Time
19:50 14:25
* Local time

Flight details have been updated 5 years ago

Flight history AA136 American Airlines: Los Angeles — London

Date Scheduled departure Scheduled Arrivals Actual departure time Actual arrival time
Thu. 07 january19:5014:10--
Thu. 06 january19:4514:10--
Thu. 05 january19:4514:04--
Thu. 04 january19:4513:2919:5113:28
Thu. 03 january19:4513:5519:5613:51
Thu. 02 january19:4513:5619:4813:48
Thu. 01 january19:4514:0119:5514:00
Thu. 31 december19:4514:0819:5414:02
Thu. 30 december19:4514:0320:2014:26
Thu. 29 december19:4514:0119:4613:46
Thu. 28 december19:4514:1219:5214:12
Thu. 27 december19:4513:5319:5613:57
Thu. 26 december19:4513:5213:31+17 h. 32 min.07:19+16 h. 59 min.
Thu. 25 december19:4513:5120:0514:12
Thu. 21 october20:0014:15--

Flight American Airlines AA136 (Los Angeles — London) running from the airport Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), to the airport London Heathrow Airport (LHR). The flight is operated by the family's aircraft Boeing 777-300ER. Flight distance is 8759 km / 4726 miles, and the average flight length is 10 h. 35 min.

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Types of aircraft flying AA136 American Airlines: Los Angeles — London

Boeing 777-200
Board numbers:
N775AN, N777AN, N772AN, N783AN, N796AN, N795AN, N785AN, N757AN, N762AN, N768AA, N791AN

Boeing 777-300ER


Boeing 777-300ER


[LAX] Los Angeles International Airport
+9.6 C 758 mm Hg. 71%
[LHR] London Heathrow Airport
+8.5 C 756 mm Hg. 81%


Los Angeles — London

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