Flight 5J618 Cebu Pacific: Tagbilaran — Manila

Cebu Pacific 5J618 / CEB618

Tagbilaran — Manila

Scheduled departure time Scheduled Arrival Time
11:55 13:25
* Local time

Flight details have been updated 2 years ago

Flight history 5J618 Cebu Pacific: Tagbilaran — Manila

Date Scheduled departure Scheduled Arrivals Actual departure time Actual arrival time
Thu. 15 september10:2011:25--
Thu. 14 september10:2011:25--
Thu. 13 september10:2011:3310:2411:22
Thu. 12 september10:2011:3410:2011:31
Thu. 11 september10:2011:3410:1111:12
Sat. 10 september10:2011:2610:0411:03
Sat. 09 september10:2011:3310:1411:16
Sat. 08 september10:2011:2610:0911:09
Thu. 07 september10:2011:2810:3011:39
Thu. 06 september10:2011:3610:1311:12
Thu. 05 september10:2011:3810:2011:33
Thu. 04 september10:2011:2710:1611:32
Thu. 03 september10:2011:2710:1611:22
Thu. 02 september10:2011:3410:2411:25
Thu. 01 september10:2011:3310:2611:29

Flight Cebu Pacific 5J618 (Tagbilaran — Manila) running from the airport Tagbilaran Airport (TAG), to the airport Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL). The flight is operated by the family's aircraft Airbus A320 NEO. Flight distance is 620 km / 335 miles, and the average flight length is 1 h. 30 min.

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Types of aircraft flying 5J618 Cebu Pacific: Tagbilaran — Manila

Airbus A320
Board numbers:
RP-C3270, RP-C4107, RP-C4103, RP-C4102, RP-C3244, RP-C3274, RP-C3271, RP-C3262, RP-C3237, RP-C4108, RP-C3267


[TAG] Tagbilaran Airport
+27.4 C 758 mm Hg. 79%
[MNL] Ninoy Aquino International Airport
+28.1 C 758 mm Hg. 74%


Tagbilaran — Manila

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