Will your next flight be operated by Boeing 737 Max?

Will your next flight be operated by Boeing 737 Max?

According to the U.S. and European Union authorities the changes which 737 Max software underwent are still being under consideration. The changes were required to be carried out after two fatal crashes. But in fact Boeing itself hoped to get 737 Max back on track before the end of the year.

FAA has stated there is yet no approved date than 737 Max can resume its flights. As U.S. and Europe regulations haven’t come to a conclusion yet if to allow the operation of the aircraft and when. Though American Airlines has announced that they are going to resume flights operated by 737 Max in January 2020.

As for passengers in general they do not notice what jets are in operation. Because very few people are interested in that information. As a rule, it made no difference to them which plane the flight was operated by. But now according to the latest survey passengers are not going to fly on 737 Max for a year or so.

So, in order to be aware of which plane you are flying by, it is necessary to know the list of airlines which have 737 Max in their fleets. Thus, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have the biggest number of aircraft in their fleets: 34 ones and 24 respectively. Moreover, Boeing company has all the needed information to know orders and deliveries of the airlines on their website.

Plus, airlines provide all the necessary information when a passenger buys a ticket. For it, it is just necessary to click the flight number and here you go.