United flight attendant out of job for being intoxicated

United flight attendant out of job for being intoxicated

During the flight operated by United Express a flight attendant proved to be visibly drunk. The flight was flying from Chicago O’Hare to South Bend.

Taking into consideration the fact that it was a 50-seater aircraft the flight attendant in question appeared to be the only one onboard.

Flight emergencies are rare. But if something had gone wrong during this flight, the passengers’ safety could have been put at stake. As the majority of passengers do not pay attention to safety briefing. In most cases, passengers rely on flight attendant’s instructions what to do in emergency. It has been reported that the flight attendant’s speech was difficult to comprehend during the safety briefing.

In the comments by Air Wisconsin, a regional partner for United Express, they claim that the flight attendant is no longer working in the company. And they are cooperating with local authorities in the investigation.

The incident with alcohol are pretty rare. As the alcohol standards are much higher in terms of flight crew. Even one drink is not allowed. But in this incident the breathalyzer test performed proves the flight attendant had a considerable amount of alcohol.

Airlines take such matters seriously. As it may lead to fatal consequences in case of emergency. And passengers’ safety is airlines’ top priority.

It is unclear why the plane took off. In view of the necessity to fasten the flight attendant’s seatbelt for her it was not wise to do. Moreover, it is unknown whether the cabin was secured for the take-off.