Three places for the best sunny holidays in March!

Three places for the best sunny holidays in March!

With Christmas behind us and Spring slowly but steadily approaching, it’s natural that most people start daydreaming or planning their next sunny escapade! March is usually a strange month as the winter weather merges with a bit of sun and the expectation of spring makes a sunny holiday look amongst the best options to spend some time relaxing and enjoying life while getting prepared for summer. As such, if you’re looking for some of the best places to have your holidays in March, then look no further as our mini guide will take you through some of the best places to go in order to soak up on the sun before high season and high prices begin!


The all sunny and friendly islands are located off the west coast of Morocco and offer one of the best and most vivid destinations for sunny holidays in March. Visit the amazing Tenerife home to the highest peak of Spain, mount Teide, along with lots of other things to see and do such as exploring, partying, sunbathing or all of the above. In case that you fancy a bit of a change to the other islands or you are an avid fan of design, Lanzarote, home to the renowned Spanish artist and designer Cesar Manrique, is a great opportunity to take in some amazing views and have some sunny holidays in Canaries. In case you prefer a more laid back vibe and magnificent beaches, then the picturesque island of Gran Canaria will have you well catered for with its numerous resorts and variety of activities.


The Mexican peninsula of Cancun is a favourite all year long! Home to stunning natural settings dotted with imposing Mayan structures of great historical and cultural importance, this is a destination that has it all! If you are planning for having your holidays in Cancun, before the peak season, the weather is good as always and the crowds are smaller, thus giving you a great opportunity to soak in the sights without the hassle of hundreds of other tourists flocking around. Climb atop the Ixmoja pyramid and look at the tropical forest spreading in the horizon or visit the dos Ojos cave system and wander around the mostly unexplored water reservoirs! Take a swim in the wonderful Il Kil cenote and visit the nearby Eco-Archeological park for an amazing experience that will stay with you long after your visit.


The Caribbean island of Jamaica is the definition of a tropical paradise, complete with palm trees and clear blue waters washing on sandy shores throughout. Plan your holidays in Jamaica around March and you definitely won’t be disappointed by the weather or the scenery. Visit Dunn river falls and take a swim in the clear water making its way through the mountain or hike around the blue mountains! In case you are a more traditional type of tourist the numerous white sand beaches around the island will certainly have you covered. Being closer to the tropics makes Jamaica an ideal destination to make the best of your time before summer while soaking on the sun rays! Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the amazing and spicy Caribbean cuisine in its place of origin while providing yourself with the holidays you have long been dreaming of! With some great deals to be had it’s certainly a great place to consider!

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