Southwest Airlines tweets passenger’s personal information

Southwest Airlines tweets passenger’s personal information

Twitter is always a good idea to bring public attention or to speed up a service issue solving. As tweeting to company directly can definitely be efficient. And of course, doing so you do not suppose that a company will reveal your personal information publicly. But that is the very thing Southwest Airlines has recently done on Twitter.

Jackie Singh experienced privacy violation this week. She on August, 7 tweeted Southwest Airlines to express her dissatisfaction with inappropriate comments made by a male flight attendant. They included jokes about selecting seats with a choice of free alcohol, younger women and some negative comments about his former wife.

Emilia, a Southwest representative, tweeted in response mentioning Singh’s flight number. This information can reveal passenger’s whereabouts. So anyone can track down where a person is. Moreover, there followed another tweet from a Southwest representative claiming the necessity to contact the company privately in the future if a passenger does not want to discuss the travel publicly.

So, revealing someone’s location definitely puts a person’s security at stake, endangering him/her. The passenger had two options in this case. The first one to delete all the tweets quickly and ask Southwest Airlines to do the same. The other one was to warn the rest and bring public attention to the issue.

Southwest Airlines has made a statement saying that it is against their policy to share personal information either of customers or employees. They contacted Singh to apologize for the incident which occurred. The tweets were deleted eventually.