No retirement for Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 yet

No retirement for Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 yet

There was supposed to be the retirement of A340 from the fleet of Virgin Atlantic. But it has been postponed one more time. As it initially appeared on the scheduled to operate flights on December, 8 and not it is scheduled to be operated up to December, 29.

At first the airline company was going to earmark its A340 on October, 26 this year. Though, it is still on the schedule. The thing is that there are certain issues with the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines on Boeing 787 which prevents the aircraft from retiring.

Rolls Royce was forced on providing assistant and support to Norwegian Airlines as its 787 experienced engine failure. As a result, there are delays with the return of the maintained 787 engines to Virgin Atlantic. So, their 787s are still grounded.

The stay of execution for Virgin’s A340-600s was noted by Manchester Airport News and shared in a tweet yesterday. Waiting for the engines in questions the airline company has to keep operating its A340 much longer.

Now the date of the exit of the jet is set on December, 29. Meanwhile, its A340 is on schedule to operate routes to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport on the 14th, 21st and 22nd December. The airport news has pointed that other destinations might be included as well.