Google refunds the difference if flights become cheaper

Google refunds the difference if flights become cheaper

Google is upgrading its travel feature by expanding offerings. And it is definitely just the best deal for those who look for their best bet. Among the updated features and introduced ones there is a new flight tracker option. The feature is aimed at assisting travellers in finding the best ticket price and in booking it.

According to Google their feature already demonstrates if the prices for a flight are high, low or typical. But from now on it is possible to monitor the same information for the flight of a traveller’s choice.

Moreover, a traveller will be provided with more detailed analysis of the price changes over past few months. And the notification whether prices will go up or on the contrary low is available.

To encourage travellers to book, Google has introduced a price guarantee for some flights. In case the predictions imply no price dropping during chosen period but it still drops, a traveller will get a refund. It will compensate the difference in fares. Furthermore, the feature can predict the possibility of delay before an airline.

At the moment the feature is available only for flights from the U.S. It is available for international flights as well that is why Brits take benefit from it too.

This very feature is not the first innovation, this year Google introduced the launch of the new hotel comparison feature. It is aimed at finding cheap accommodation. And it simplifies the process.

It works pretty similar to flight search feature. It shows a range of available accommodation options including cheapest and discounted ones for the period of a traveller’s interest.