Farewell to KLM Boeing 747 on its Chicago route

Farewell to KLM Boeing 747 on its Chicago route

The fleet of KLM is getting new planes. And the airline company gradually exits its Boeing 747s. Thus on October, 25 there was a final flight operated by Boeing 747 heading to Chicago.

The aircraft in question aka the queen of the skies is considered to be iconic in the field of aviation. Though, the airline company is no longer interested in four engine aircraft. It prefers two ones so it is exiting the 747 from its fleet. And the rest airlines are doing the same thing by substituting them with two engine planes. KLM is going to substitute it with Boeing 787-9.

The final flight operated by 747 was heading from Amsterdam to Chicago. It was scheduled to take off at 12.25 but did it with a delay. It departed at 12.42. However, it arrived at the airport of its destination at 13.43 which is 12 minutes earlier when it was scheduled to.

The final Boeing 747 flight operated by KLM heading to Chicago was made special both by the airport and the airline. The passengers on board were served with delicious treats. Moreover, there was a big celebration thrown at the gate in Chicago.

As a rule such flights get a water cannon salute. It means that fire engines park at both sides the aircraft at the very spot where it taxis. And the plane goes through the archway created by water which they shoot into the air. The Boeing 747 was showered with this special meeting on Friday.