easyJet launches new flight booking technology

easyJet launches new flight booking technology

There is a launch of an absolutely new tool announced by easyJet. The tool is designed for passengers. As the company claims it is their aim to create something to make the travel experience better.

The application is called Speak Now. It is designed to make annual flight searches as simple as ABC. So they will not bring frustration to their customers. The launch is scheduled in the upcoming weeks. It is just right up easyJet passengers’ street to book winter vacations to get away from it all.

There is a voice recognition technology installed. It enables to look for flights. Moreover, the application starts a conversation asking questions to find the best bet for their customers. The questions are believed to help to navigate the search for it to meet passengers’ needs.
According to the airline reports, traditional booking via online service requires 12 taps to take. While Speak Now allows to deal with it in seconds.

So, in cooperation with Dialogflow, Google Cloud’s natural language understanding tool, easyJet has managed to design the conversation. It is based on the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Thus, the airline company always sets their mind on improvements to offer their customers. The tool designed is aimed at making the process of booking accessible for travellers especially for those who are visually challenged.